What we do

What We Do:
Scale and Impact

Partners in Scale works with leadership teams, Boards of Directors and philanthropic partners to help you scale your organization and increase your impact. Our approach offers customized teams, tailored solutions, actionable advice and support to implement your plans.

While we strive to provide solutions uniquely tailored to each organization’s needs, we offer services along the five primary categories:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategy & Scale
  • Fundraising
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

Breakthrough Research and Analysis

Having good external and internal information is critical to making the right strategic and organizational decisions. At Partners in Scale, we bring a collaborative approach and deep experience in analyzing vast amounts of quantitative and qualitative data.  Via our seasoned team of researchers, we can create research and reports for you on:

  • Industry Trends
  • Understanding Customer/Client Demographics and Psychographics
  • Organizational Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • Competitive Landscape Analyses
  • Internal Staff and Board Assessments
  • Funder Research

Depending upon your research and information needs, we will tailor our research approach and methodologies, which include: in-depth online and primary source research, multi-stakeholder online surveys, and deep “listening sessions” with staff, board members, customers/clients and industry experts.  We then endeavor to bring you the wealth of information that you will need for insights into your organization’s direction and strategy; and we will help you sort through the information and options to make sound strategic decisions for your future.

Organizational Development

Our broad-spectrum organizational development services include: chief executive assessments, organizational assessments and capacity building, employee engagement and culture building.

Chief Executive Assessment

Finding time to provide your chief executive with consistent and actionable feedback is crucial for effective governance of your organization.  Unfortunately, collecting confidential feedback from other board members, staff and stakeholders can be a cumbersome and daunting process.  We simplify it for you by providing a full-service, confidential, coached process to assist your board in effectively conducting your annual performance review.

Organizational Assessment & Capacity Building

In order to achieve your strategic objectives, you want to make sure that your organization is optimized for success.  We use our unique assessment model to help you evaluate your overall organizational effectiveness; and then help you identify and implement a range of capacity building activities that suit your organization’s strengths, size, and culture.

Employee Engagement & Culture Building

Having a productive, engaged team is critical for the success of any organization.  Perhaps your organization has experienced a leadership transition and staff moral is suffering.  Or your internal departments work independently and only connect when crisis happens.  We provide you with professional development guidance, communications tools and relationship building techniques to ensure your organization is working as a team, and not just from the top down.

Strategy & Scale

The old adage holds true: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. At Partners in Scale we help you with strategy, scaling and business planning to make sure you are on the right road to achieving organizational success.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations focus their efforts and create clear strategic plans that have buy-in from all stakeholders. We can help you evaluate your success against current strategic plans, create a business plan for new programs, clarify your funding model, create annual planning tools, staffing and succession plans, or build out your management team to achieve your goals.

Scaling Up

As demand for your programs grows, you might ask yourself, “What’s the most effective and sustainable way to maximize my impact?” “Should I branch to new sites? Grow existing sites? Replicate programs through affiliates? Disseminate my technical knowledge and manuals?”  We help you think through the optimal scaling model for your program or organization based on internal capabilities, resources and external environment. We then work with you to align your operating plans, staffing and financial plans against your strategy.

Business Planning

Our team’s business backgrounds (many of us have MBA’s and we have all worked in the private sector as well as the social sector) sets us apart from many social sector consultants. We can help you write a business plan for scaling, for new programs, or for a new country, chapter or branch.


As one of our wise clients always reminds us “No money, no mission.” Having sufficient funds and strong development strategies are the key to ensuring your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Development Strategy

As you think about scaling your NGO, you will need a fund development plan that meets your revenue goals. We work with you to create and execute it, building off of existing resources and identifying new ones.

Foundation Research

Not sure whether there will be sufficient funding to scale your programs? Entering a new country or market and need market research on the funders that match your program? Feel like your programs don’t fit neatly into grantmaker’s guidelines? We can help position your for success by providing you with the facts you need and the strategic advice to help you move forward.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Communicating the impact of your programs can provide your organization with the additional credibility you need to maintain existing supporters and gain new ones. We work with you to track the progress and performance of your programs to ensure they are meeting their goals. We also conduct formative, summative and impact evaluations by using appropriate instruments such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observations; collecting data; conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses, and preparing reports. After reviewing your results, we will work with you to develop strategies on program design, implementation and sustainability.

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“Partners in Scale is simply put: exceptional. I partner with them often.  They bring deep experience, professionalism, and the ability to bring together strategy, team facilitation, and execution.   You always know you are going to get beyond what you expected – no matter what they are doing for you.  They come with my very highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Marianne Manilov, ED
The Engage Network

"Hire them! They saved my life and allowed me to sleep at night! Seriously, Partners in Scale's excellent analytical skills and strategic advice have allowed READ to focus on our most important priorities so that we can grow, scale and reach new heights. The team at Partners in Scale are also masters at helping to build trust. They quickly built trust and established rapport with multiple stakeholders across different cultures. They have become key advisers to our entire organization—at all levels and across all four offices. And they helped us resolve conflicts and build trust throughout the organization, ensuring that everyone is heard and feels comfortable sharing their opinions.” Tina Sciabica Executive Director, READ Global

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