Has your board given your CEO a review that matters?

“Before I used PS360™, conducting a 360 degree review of our ED was simply too cumbersome. I spent hours on admin tasks – sending out forms, cutting and pasting comments, and trying to average all the rankings I got back into something meaningful to give to the ED. Given I have a full-time job and other boards to attend to, it took far longer than it should have to give the ED the feedback she needed to succeed. PS360™ is a time-saver and a lifesaver. The process was efficient, the report was excellent and much appreciated by the board and ED, and the professional coaching helped me focus our review conversation on the things that really mattered.” – Board Chair of a medium-sized nonprofit


PS360™ – Chief Executive Assessment

Hiring and managing the chief executive is one of a nonprofit board’s most important responsibilities. Ideally, the board chair or other key board members meet regularly with the chief executive to provide feedback, celebrate successes, openly discuss challenges, and discuss any long-term goals or professional development opportunities. The annual performance review provides an opportunity to solicit and discuss more formal feedback from the full board, staff, and any other stakeholders crucial to the chief executive’s success.

PS360™ is a customized, web-based tool that allows any board member, no matter how busy, to quickly survey all stakeholders and provide a complete, confidential, quantitative and qualitative report to the board and chief executive on the chief executive’s annual performance, saving your organization time and money. In addition to this complete report, our experienced partners provide up to two hours of coaching to the board chair to interpret results fully and discuss the best way to reward high performers or improve performance issues.

Our process

Step 1:                   Partners in Scale will meet with your team virtually or in-person to understand your situation and your organization, customize the PS360™ if necessary, and discuss options and timing for gathering PS360™ input from your board, staff and any other stakeholders.

Step 2:                   Partners in Scale distributes assessment surveys confidentially to your board and staff. No administrative or professional staff at your organization will be privy to the data or will be hassled by managing the process.

Step 3:                   Board (including the chair), staff and other stakeholders receive confidential individual requests to fill out the assessment. All responses are confidential. The CEO is asked to fill out an online self-evaluation simultaneously.

Step 4:                   Partners in Scale tabulates the results and produces a complete assessment report for the board chair to assist in finalizing the performance review for the CEO.

Step 5:                  Partners in Scale meets with you virtually or in-person to interpret results, coach you on how best to provide the ED with both positive and negative feedback, and assist with the final performance review report for the CEO.

A small investment in your organization’s future

Done well, performance reviews are an important way to improve organizational performance, align against organizational and individual performance goals, provide crucial feedback to your CEO, and protect your board and organization from employment issues. Partners in Scale makes it easy and worthwhile, saving your board and staff time and money.  By investing in the PS360™ performance review process, you get a complete 360-degree review, survey administration, expert coaching, and use of our proprietary PS360™ tool.

To complement our chief executive assessment, we also offer board assessments, management team assessments, staff satisfaction and engagement assessments, donor engagement research, grantee satisfaction research, volunteer engagement research, and other organizational development tools.

For more information and pricing, please contact our Team at info@partnersinscale.com.

— The Partners in Scale Team

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“Partners in Scale is simply put: exceptional. I partner with them often.  They bring deep experience, professionalism, and the ability to bring together strategy, team facilitation, and execution.   You always know you are going to get beyond what you expected – no matter what they are doing for you.  They come with my very highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Marianne Manilov, ED
The Engage Network

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Has your board given your CEO a review that matters?

“Before I used PS360™, conducting a 360 degree review of our ED...

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